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"And did they live happily ever after? Well, that's up to them. Some did, no doubt, and some did not. That's what it means to live a life and not a story.

But happily, sadly, in war or peace, in love or loss: what matters is that they lived."

(Thanks for four amazing years, everyone at [community profile] aather. We all did such a good.)
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So Certain Things have reminded me that I have a ton of random Charms and other various things stored up in my brain. I'm going to see if I can dump them here. I will pick at this post for a while, most likely.

several things, mostly Infernal )
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So I'm not really into Homestuck fandom per se; I find that I love the comic but not for the characters, mostly. Still, sometimes an idea won't leave you alone.

I'm trying to make this balanced, but I wouldn't recommend it in play, especially since the balance of Sidereal martial arts is all weird and up in the air at the moment. It's also mostly unfinished (up to the Form only) and I need to write a sutra for it that's appropriately thematic. Eh, well, I need to put it somewhere.

an oddly appropriate crossover. )
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Because I've had some of these brewing for a while.

Will As Weapon Style )

I've got a few more things brewing, but they're refusing to show up. Ah, well.
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Possibly if I write this idea down it will go away and stop making me want to run it. I blame the Let's Play archive, a lot of rereading MoEP: Infernals and various enabling enablers, who know who they are.

SMT: Exalted. Warning, long and convoluted. )
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My stab at a Shintai for SWLIHN. (Honest, I will write stuff for other Exalts/Infernal Castes someday.)

Soul-Fire Transcendence Shintai )
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My stab at a Shintai for SWLIHN. (Honest, I will write stuff for other Exalts/Infernal Castes someday.)

Soul-Fire Transcendence Shintai )
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So, here is me.

I don't expect that much will go up here other than tabletop-type stuff; maybe fic in this one, maybe not. Stranger things have happened.

We'll see.
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Two aspected to She Who Lives In Her Name, because I like her Shaping effects. I'm toying with concepts for a redemption tree for her, by which a compassionate Green Sun Prince might restore to her the empathy that was taken from her when she was maimed.

Edit: Added more Charms written in the same general area for a RPGNet thread.

Persistent Principle Infliction )
Reactive Opposition Conception )
Principle of Negation )
Will-Predicting Engram )
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Written for a character in my game.

Transcendent Maker's Stance )

A theoretical exercise in manipulating high-Essence combat. Could use some testing. ^_________^

Death-Embracing Stroke )
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Inspired by the Versus XIII trailers.

Transcendent Sword Animus )

Written for a character I'm currently playing.

Sunlit Radiance Stance )
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Had a cool idea, decided to run with it. This is a general's blade, particularly appropriate for a Sidereal campaign.

Inevitable Necessity )
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Been kicking these around in my brain for a while; hopefully writing them out will help me balance them properly.

Sorcerous Enlightenment Charms )
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Written with one of my players and a future character in mind. Just one this time; might add more to the tree later. ETA: Added Immaculate Insight Understanding.

Solar Combat-Influence Charms )
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These have been percolating for a while.

Solar Craft Charms )
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Sorcery: Stilling the Loom, Seal of Unmaking (both Solar Circle). The latter includes an effect I find interesting; specifically, additional effects for spells based on the caster's possession of an Absorption. I'll play with this more in future.

Also, this, for WotG.

White Mirror Harmony Style )
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This is a Loresheet describing the attributes of creator-gods in the Great Game, for a proposed upcoming campaign. This version may or may not be final.

Look upon my works, ye Mighty... )