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This is a Loresheet describing the attributes of creator-gods in the Great Game, for a proposed upcoming campaign. This version may or may not be final.

Creator Gods

A System Topic (0 Destiny)

This Loresheet is required for participation in the first phase of my upcoming campaign. It details the specific rules for controlling a god in the Great Game.


When the World began it was without form, chaos without end or time. Yet eventually, any chaos falls to order, just as order falls to chaos in the cycle of existence. Up separated from down, and dry separated from wet. The earth shaped itself from formlessness, but it could do no more.

None can say where the gods come from, not even the gods themselves. Some were born of the earth, and some of the sky. Some willed themselves from chaos in a solipsistic birth. And some arose from the nothingness that is all that chaos is not.

You are such a god, and the world spreads out new before you.


0 Destiny (for this game only): You are divinity, a creator-god taken flesh and taking your first steps upon the world. This conveys a number of benefits in the Great Game:

--Divine World-Shaping Technique: Your Commander Stone, in addition to the natural attributes of Commander Stones, may naturally do work to change the physical attributes of a region. For example, a divinity might do work to increase the Mountainousness of a region, raising mountain peaks to defend its people. Unlike most types of work, this takes one full action (though it does not exhaust your Commander stone).

--Divinely Invulnerable Will: You cannot suffer Prestige Death unless you control no Force, Influence or Will Stones; so long as you have worshippers, your legend lives on! If you would be reduced to 0 Prestige by an attack, you must bleed strength from Force, Influence or Will Stones you control until you remain at 1 or more Prestige; this represents your worshippers abandoning you as they see that your divine power's too weak. (Remember, breaking a stone negates ALL the damage of an attack.)

--Divine Power Understanding: As a divinity, you may develop new Treasure stones without spending Destiny (with the approval of the Wulin Sage, who will write appropriate Loresheets.) You are considered to have all the Great Game Loresheets your character may take, limited as normal by Archetype and prerequisites.

--Divine Inspiration Practice: You may use the Develop action to develop subsidiary Commander Stones, raising up great heroes and leaders from your people. Count the highest total strength among your Force, Influence and Will Stones; for this calculation, Army stones count towards your Force stones, Passion Stones count towards your Influence Stones and Order Stones count towards your Will Stones. For each seven points of this total, you may Develop one point of Strength in Commander Stones besides your own. The Commander is a named character whose Archetype depends on the total used (Force yields a Warrior, Influence yields a Courtier and Will yields a Scholar.) Developing a Commander is difficult, at least one degree of difficulty above the norm (Legendary in slow turns and Impossible in fast turns), but you have a +5 modifier to develop a Commander whose Archetype matches your own. Such commanders do NOT have their own Prestige, and they may not bleed Strength to soak damage for you, but in all other ways they function as normal Commander Stones.

--Divine Mandate Methodology: you may place Concept Stones in the "Laws of the World" section of the Elephant Board during slow turns. These Stones become Loresheets regarding the metaphysics of the world (how magic works, how demons and elementals might be summoned, etc.) The Wulin Sage will place several Concept Stones in that region initially, which may be attacked as normal.


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