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My stab at a Shintai for SWLIHN. (Honest, I will write stuff for other Exalts/Infernal Castes someday.)

Soul-Fire Transcendence Shintai
Cost: 12m, 1WP ; Mins: Essence 5; Type: Simple (Speed 6, DV -1)
Keywords: Shaping, Obvious, Form-Type
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Collective Convergence of Principles, Ascendant Objectivity Stance

Abandoning the imperfections of the human form, the Green Sun Prince assumes a shape more appropriate to her status as a servant of She Who Lives In Her Name. Shapeless, consuming fire flows out from her anima, only to be encapsulated in a sphere of flawless crystal. The Prince remains as a vaguely humanoid image in the heart of the sphere, identifiable only with a Perception + Awareness roll at a difficulty of her own Essence. In order to activate this Charm, the Infernal must have Mind-Hand Manipulation active. She may activate Force-Suppression Barrier and Ascendent Objectivity Stance as she activates this Shintai, if they are not active, without the use of a Combo. If she does, both effects end with the Shintai instead of at their normal duration.

This Shintai enhances the aspects of the Prince's powers best suited to Shaping effects. While under this Charm's effects, she may activate Collective Convergence of Principles as a Speed 7, DV -2 action. What's more, she may apply Principle-Invoking Onslaught to any attack she makes with Mind-Hand Manipulation as an innate power rather than a Charm. For purposes of resolving any Shaping effects or resisting such effects on herself, her permanent Essence increases by two; this does not increase her die-adder cap.

This Charm may be repurchased once to additionally increase the Prince's effective Willpower by two, and increase any Willpower losses inflicted by her Shaping effects by one. A third purchase at Essence 6 reduces the cost of all Shaping effects by either 1 WP or (Essence) motes, minimum 1m, at her option.


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