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Been kicking these around in my brain for a while; hopefully writing them out will help me balance them properly.

These Charms are a higher form of the Absorption Charms. Restricted to the domain of the elder Celestial Exalted, they are correspondingly more potent, providing a more profound mastery over each school's paradigm.

Devonian Enlightenment
Cost: --
Mins: Occult 5, Essence 5, Lore 5
Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Devonian Absorption, Celestial Circle Sorcery

Devonian sorcerers who master this Charm have learned to exist within the metascientific framework of motonic theory and the study of Essence. Having internalized and mastered these laws, they gain the freedom to work within them. Exalts with this Charm may use Excellencies during Shape and Cast Sorcery actions, so long as they have the appropriate Essence Flow Charm. In addition, by spending an additional point of Willpower as they begin to cast a spell, the Devonian sorcerer may build redundant structures and backup patterns into that spell. If he does, the first time the spell is subjected to countermagic or any similar effect, it restores itself the next tick and takes effect as normal. In addition, only sorcerous countermagic or a failure of the sorcerer's concentration can disrupt the Essence of the spell before it takes effect; effects such as Spell-Shattering Palm fail immediately.

Salinian Enlightenment
Cost: --
Mins: Occult 5, Essence 5, Awareness 5
Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Salinian Absorption, Celestial Circle Sorcery

A Salinian master has merged herself with the world-mind that is Creation to an unprecedented degree. She automatically ignores external penalties on rolls required for spells equal to her Essence, explicitly including DVs. In addition, if she spends an additional point of Willpower as she casts a ritual spell, she may reduce the Resources cost of that spell by half her Essence, or ignore one arcane link requirement per two points of Essence she possesses. The world bends to her will, and for her, stones serve as precious gems and grass takes the place of incense. Spending additional points of Willpower may stack this effect.

Silurian Enlightenment
Cost: --
Mins: Occult 5, Essence 5, Linguistics 5
Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Silurian Absorption, Celestial Circle Sorcery

The Silurian master weaves his spells with elegance and economy. He may choose to either reduce the cost of a spell by his Linguistics, or increase his Occult by his Linguistics for all calculations relating to a spell he casts. This effect has no cost and may be chosen freely with each spell the Exalt casts.

In addidition, by spending an additional Willpower point when taking a Shape Sorcery action, the Silurian sorcerer may fuse two spells he knows into a single hybrid spell. These spells must be of the same general type (beneficial, harmful or summoning). The sorcerer must take the appropriate type and number of Shape Sorcery actions for the highest circle spell he wishes to fuse, and spend the full Essence cost of both spells. The resulting fusion has the following characteristics, if applicable:

--Range equals the higher of the two spell's ranges.

--Area affected equals the higher of the two spell's ranges, if either has an area effect.

--The sorcerer may choose which activation or attack roll to make, as though casting one of the spells, including any additional successes added for that spell. If only one spell has an activation or attack roll, he must choose that one.

--If either spell renders a defense value inapplicable, the fusion renders that DV inapplicable. If one spell targets DV and the other MDV, the sorcerer may choose whether the spell affects DV or MDV.

--If both spells deal direct damage, the fusion deals damage equal to the sum of their damages. That damage is lethal if either spell deals lethal damage, and special qualities of that damage (such as doubling against inanimate objects) from either or both spells may be inflicted at the sorcerer's option.

--If either spell inflicts continuing effects, the target of the fusion suffers those effects.

--If both spells summon creatures, choose one creature as the base. The fusion summons a creature with the special qualities and attacks of both original creatures, the highest attributes among both original creatures, and the sum of both original creatures' health levels. If either spell summons multiple creatures, the fusion summons the highest number of creatures among the two spells.

No spell which requires a dramatic action can be fused. A fusion may be formalized as a Silurian variant for the usual cost (see Silurian Absorption), in which case the Essence cost becomes the higher of the costs of the two base spells, rather than their sum.


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