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Posted most of this on the WotG forums, figured I should save it here.

Fortunately, we've got several fairly clear examples.

Swift Curse of Wood Technique breaks down as follows.
--This attack is made with Learning, opposed by the target's Awareness.
--This attack may be made out to Short or Medium Range.
--This technique is a full action.
--The character must use at least one Daoist method. He gains a bonus as appropriate for that method.
--This technique costs no Chi unless spent to power a Daoist method. It cannot color match.
--This technique deals no damage.
--If this attack hits, apply a Minor Wood Curse Weakness to the target.

Swift Curse of Wood Technique costs as much Destiny as a rank 5 Formless Technique. We therefore start with 5 points to spend. We can therefore Skill Substitution costs 3 + 1 for range, and Spiritual Attack costs 3. We're at 7 spent so far. "No Damage" is about a two-point Flaw, so we're good. We package "full action", "must use a Daoist method" and "costs no Chi" as a single 0-point maneuver; originally, I broke it down into component parts and costed them out separately, but was worried about the implications of divorcing "costs no Chi" from "Daoist methods."

Instant Influence Technique is a 2-point technique. It breaks down as follows:
--This is a Daoist technique (0)
--Move I (non-combat rolls) (1)
--Move II (attacks and blocks) (II)
--You must use an additional Daoist technique, for a total of two (-1)

The total cost is 2 points -- right in line with a level 2 Formless Technique.

The Daoist Technique maneuver breaks down as follows:
--This technique is Daoist magic and secret arts. Using it requires the Daoist Magic loresheet.
--This technique requires a full action to complete, and may not be combined with an attack in a complex action.
--You must use at least one of the five Daoist methods to activate this technique.
--The Chi cost of this Technique is waived unless Chi powers a Daoist method used to activate it. It does not align with a color of Chi and cannot take advantage of color matches.
--Daoist Technique does not count against the limit of 0-point maneuvers in a technique.

Example New Technique: Wood-Yields-To-Stone Curse

An ancient and terrible Daoist spell, the Wood-Yields-To-Stone Curse has the power to transform living flesh into cold stone!

--This is a Daoist Technique.
--This attack is made with Learning, opposed by the target's Awareness.
--This attack may be made out to Short or Medium Range.
--This attack deals no damage.
--Weakened Protective Air: In addition to the Daoist Technique requirements, the Daoist must spend one die of Chi Aura to activate this technique.
--Major Spiritual Attack: Major Earth Curse. If the target does not act as though stone -- indeed, if he moves or even breathes -- he loses his breath in all colors of Chi.

Exalted Sorcery can be modeled with the Daoist Technique maneuver, with the only permitted technique being External Breath. They should also have the Delayed Onset 3-point Flaw. Each spell's initial point allocation should be as a Corrupt Technique (ie, +4), with Terrestrial spells at about level 3, Celestial at about 5, and Solar at about 7. The Sorcerous Technique maneuver looks sort of like this:

--This technique is Exalted sorcery and requires the appropriate Circle loresheet.
--This technique requires a full action to complete, and may not be combined with an attack in a complex action.
--You must spend Celestial Chi equal to the Circle of this spell to activate it. The remaining cost is as follows: Terrestrial 2 Any, Celestial 3 Any, Solar 12 Any
--Sorcerous Technique does not count against the limit of 0-point maneuvers in a technique.

(Celestial Chi is, in this case, a Heavenly analogue of Demon Chi, which all Exalts are assumed to possess in varying quantity.) Example spell conversions follow.

Flight of the Brilliant Raptor (Terrestrial Circle): 3 + 3 + 4 = 10
Cost: 1 Celestial Chi, 2 Any Chi

This spell conjures a short-lived elemental construct in the shape of a phoenix; it flies swiftly towards your enemy and explodes in searing flame!

--This is a Sorcerous Technique (0)
--Delayed Onset (-3)
--Skill Substitution (Understanding) (1)
--Attack out to Long range (2)
--Attack as with a Ranged weapon with Speed +0, Strike +5, Damage +15 (2)
--Burning on a standard success (2)
--Searing (renamed Chilling, 1)
--Injuring (2)

Threefold Binding of the Heart (Celestial Circle): 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 = 14

Cost: 2 Celestial Chi, 3 Any Chi

A spell spoken of with fear and awe, this most potent of bindings chains the target's heart and soul to the sorcerer!

--This is a Sorcerous Technique (0)
--Delayed Onset (-3)
--This attack deals no damage (-2)
--Attack with Inspire, opposed by Confidence (3)
--Attack out to Medium Range (1)
--Spiritual Attack (5): Major Earth Influence. If the target does not act as though obsessed with the sorcerer, obedient to her every whim, he suffers -10 to all rolls.
--Spiritual Attack (5): Major Fire Curse. If the target does not act as though in love with the sorcerer, placing her desires above all things, he reduces his Grace by 1 per act of defiance, to a maximum of five points of reduction.

Essence Inversion (Solar Circle): 15 + 4 + 3 = 22
Cost: 3 Celestial Chi, 12 Any Chi

A most terrible and potent sorcery, Essence Inversion turns the target's Chi against itself, inverting the principles of harmony inherent in the world to compress the hapless victim down to nothing!

--This is a Sorcerous Technique (0)
--Delayed Onset (-3)
--Skill Substitution (Understanding) (1)
--Ranged Attack to Short Range (1)
--Unparalleled Attack (7)
--Flawless Venom (5): This represents the spiritual decay the spell induces.
--Major Earth Weakness (5): -10 on all rolls to resist the effects of the "venom".
--Chi Flow Loss in the target's Favored Chi (3)

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
A System Topic: 5 Destiny

The first circle of sorcerous power, even enlightened mortals can initiate into the Emerald circle -- but that doesn't mean it's weak! Spells of this Circle call up the five elements, commanding them with a casual ease that even the Terrestrial Exalted sometimes envy. In order to master the secrets of this Circle, a prospective sorcerer must pass through five trials, corresponding to the five directions and the five castes of the Exalted, ending with a sacrifice of something they hold dear.

5 (Victory): Having Exalted, passed the five trials and made an appropriate sacrifice, you have mastered the Emerald Circle. You may purchase Terrestrial spells for 3 Destiny each.

10 (Victory): Through purification, meditation, and hard work, you have awakened your mortal Essence to the power of the Emerald Circle and passed the five trials. You may purchase Terrestrial Circle spells, and you gain one point of Celestial Chi, which may only be used to cast spells. If you are Exalted, you may not purchase this Victory: your Celestial Chi is already awake!

3 (Entangled Destiny): You will encounter another sorcerer who knows a rare Terrestrial spell, and have the opportunity to gain that spell somehow.
-1: The sorcerer is an enemy of yours; you'll have to take the spell by force!

5 (Disadvantage): Your sacrifice was particularly troublesome! Whatever you gave up, it was important to your well-being in some way. Whenever this causes you trouble, gain a point of Destiny.
-5: If this is your first or second Disadvantage.

Possibly later I'll add the Loresheets for necromancy and the other Circles.

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