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Written with one of my players and a future character in mind. Just one this time; might add more to the tree later. ETA: Added Immaculate Insight Understanding.

Sage Tactician Practice
Cost: 5m, 1WP; Mins: Investigation 5, Essence 3; Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: Evidence-Discerning Method

It is said that the Lawgivers can see into a man's heart and soul, and read his intent as a mortal would read a book. This Charm allows a Solar to use that insight in battle, predicting an opponent's intent before they even move.

The Exalt rolls Perception + Investigation, subtracting an external penalty of the target's Dodge MDV. This counts as a social action for purposes of Evidence-Discerning Method. If the roll succeeds, the Solar immediately gains insight into the target's combat style. He may choose to exploit these weaknesses offensively (an external penalty to the target's DVs) or defensively (an external penalty to the target's attacks). In either case, the penalty is equal to the Solar's successes on the roll, to a maximum of his Investigation, and applies only to actions which he takes, or which target him. By spending a miscellaneous action shouting advice or orders and reflexively commiting an additional mote of Essence per target, the Lawgiver may share his insight with others, to a maximum of his Charisma. The supernatural insight lasts for one scene.

In social combat, the Lawgiver may choose an additional effect; he may forfeit the attack or defense boni, using his understanding of the target increases all Willpower costs to resist mental influence of any kind by one.

Immaculate Insight Understanding
Cost: --; Mins: Investigation 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: --
Prerequisites: Sage Tactician Practice, Knowing the Soul's Price

So great is the Lawgiver's understanding that they can read the most minute cues of Essence and body language to gain insight into their opponents' tactics. This Charm permanently extends the functionality of Sage Tactician Practice. If the Solar chooses to use the knowledge gained from Sage Tactician Practice offensively, he may declare offensive Charms during Step 3 of attack resolution rather than Step 1 (including Step 1 Reflexive Charms). If he chooses to use the knowledge defensively, he may declare defensive Charms in Step 5 of attack resolution rather than Step 2 (including Step 2 Reflexive Charms). These benefits apply only to the opponent targeted by Sage Tactician Practice. Extending this benefit to allies costs 3 additional motes per ally.

An opponent aware of the effects of this Charm may deliberately act counter to their own instincts and impulses in order to negate this Charm's additional effect. This costs one Willpower per attack or defense affected.

This Charm works as normal in social combat.
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