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These have been percolating for a while.

Awakened Steel Methodology
Cost: 7m, 1WP; Mins: Craft 5, Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Scene (see text)
Prerequisites: Craftsman Needs No Tools

The Solar Exalted are paragons, glorious and terrible in whatever they do. Even the tools they use cannot help but be uplifted by their reflected majesty. With this Charm, a Solar infuses his Essence into a tool, weapon or set of armor, empowering it with the glory of the Sun.

For as long as the object remains in the Solar's hands, up to a maximum of one scene, the item is treated as though it were an artifact version of itself, with no magical material bonuses or other powers. Objects without artifact versions are treated as perfect objects, and weapons with more than one possible artifact version (swords, for example) may freely choose which version they prefer. The cost of this Charm replaces its commitment cost, and the Solar is considered attuned for the duration. Objects which leave the Solar's hands (such as throwing weapons) retain their properties for the Solar's Essence in ticks, after which they revert to mundanity; should the Solar reacquire them, he may re-establish this Charm by reflexively spending a mote of Essence.

At Essence 4, the item gains orichalchum magical material boni, if applicable, and gains the durability appropriate to an Artifact; it cannot be broken or destroyed by any mundane means. At Essence 5, the duration of this Charm becomes "indefinite", and the weapon remains uplifted for as long as the Solar commits motes to this Charm, even if the object leaves the Solar's hands. Prolonged use of this Charm has a chance of enhancing the least god of the object, causing it to become slightly more self-aware and coherent.

Perfected Steel Understanding
Cost:None; Mins: Craft 5, Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Awakened Steel Methodology

For some Lawgivers, it is not enough to simply wield any weapon as though it were a daiklave. The power of their Essence is such that it awakens hidden properties in their blades or tools, transforming them into true Artifacts -- but only for a time.

This Charm permanently enhances Awakened Steel Methodology. Objects enhanced by that Charm are considered Artifacts with a rating of (the Solar's Essence - 1). The Solar may mimic the effects of an existing orichalchum or unaligned artifact or design their own with the Storyteller's approval (although effects should be in harmony with the Solar themes -- Lightning Torment Hatchets might blind and sear opponents with sunlight, rather than electrocuting them, for example.) No artifact with a Repair rating may be mimicked by this Charm.

Unfortunately, the glory of Solar Essence can be dangerous to wield. Objects with a Resources cost less than their newfound Artifact rating cannot sustain the power channeled through them for long. At the end of the scene or when the Charm ends, whichever is sooner, such objects disintegrate into a fine white ash. Objects with a Resources cost equal to or greater than their imposed Artifact rating survive with nothing more than a faint golden patina to show for their temporary greatness. The Exalt may willingly reduce the temporary Artifact rating to the minimum necessary for an Artifact version of the object if he wishes to avoid destroying it.

If the Solar has Charms which create weapons from solidified Essence which last at least one scene (Glorious Solar Saber, Spirit Weapons or Immaculate Golden Bow), this Charm may be applied to them as well. There is only so much that can be done to improve pure Solar Essence, however; when applying this Charm to Essence-created objects, the Solar reduces his effective Essence by one.


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