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Sorcery: Stilling the Loom, Seal of Unmaking (both Solar Circle). The latter includes an effect I find interesting; specifically, additional effects for spells based on the caster's possession of an Absorption. I'll play with this more in future.

Also, this, for WotG.

White Mirror Harmony Style: Rare White Chi Style (Palms Only)

A System Topic (20 destiny)

The Daoist sage knows that everything is connected, and that connection is the founding principle of White Mirror Harmony kung fu. The beginning student learns to use the connection between himself and the world to turn the latter's attacks upon himself; the master can alter his own chi flows to cause a devastating resonance in the chi of Shen Zhou!

Signature: The practitioner of White Mirror Harmony adopts a meditative form, but their Chi aura is a nigh-physical presence in the air. With but a glance, their enemies collapse, twisted by their own Chi -- unless the martial artist loses control of their delicate manipulations, in which case they suffer the devastating effects of their own style!

Form 1: Reflected Aggression (5 White)

The simplest of White Mirror Harmony's forms, this is the only style which does not incur devastating consequences to the martial artist. By attuning himself to the chi of their opponent, the scholar can cause their attacks to rebound upon themselves -- but their extended chi can leave them exposed to harm!

--While this technique is in effect, you may use Learning to defend against attacks.

--You may defend against even Unparalleled Attacks.

--Opponents suffer -10 strike.

--Generate a Reply on a standard success

--You may not make a secondary attack while this technique is in effect.

--Weakened Protective Air: activating this Technique costs one die of Chi Aura.

--This technique lasts for one round.

--Channel: 2 Jade: extend the duration of this Technique for one round.

Form 2: Shattered Flow (10: 6 White + 4 Any)

By carefully attuning himself to the world and imbalancing his own Chi, the martial artist provokes a terrible response from the chi around him. Opponents find that their breath turns on them, savaging them as it slips from their grasp -- but unless he is wary, the martial artist may find that his own Chi treats him the same way!

--This attack is made using Learning, opposed by Awareness. It can be made out to Medium Range.

--Disorient on a standard success

--Target loses his breath in all colors of Chi for your Rank in rounds

--You have +5 to Awareness rolls while this Technique is in effect.

--Your attack inflicts the equivalent of Intensity 6 Burning on a standard success. The exact effect depends on your attacker's Favored Chi -- the element associated with that type of Chi bursts from the hapless target's flesh, to devastating result!

--You are considered to be a target of this attack.

Form 3: River of Years (15: 7 White + 8 Any)

Members of the Wulin cultivate their Chi, and their lives extend. By inducing a carefully-crafted disharmony into his own chi, the martial artist reverses that effect, cursing his opponent with withering age!

--This attack is made using Learning, opposed by Awareness. It can be made out to Medium Range.

--Targets of this attack suffer a Major Wood System Weakness: their joints wither, their hair goes grey or falls out and their skin wrinkles like parchment! If they wish to act as though they're young, uncrippled men, they lose one point of Might per action, to a maximum of 5 points. The recovery difficulty of this condition is 30, with a Duration of 5 and an Interval of one session.

--This technique leaves permanent scars: on a standard success, it inflicts a full Health Level of damage and the Withered Body Part: Limb disadvantage (treat as though it were Missing Limb, except that the limb isn't severed -- just withered into uselessness!)

--You gain +10 Strike for this attack.

--Reduce your opponent's armor by 10 against this attack.

--This attack permanently reduces the target's Speed by 1.

--You are considered a target of this attack.

Form 4: Broken World

Those who know of this attack fear its practitioners, for simply by imbalancing their own Chi, they can obliterate the Chi of others -- even the Chi that keeps an enemy's heart beating!

--This attack is made using Learning, opposed by Awareness. It can be made out to Medium Range.

--This attack is Unparalleled: it is made as a Style Roll and cannot be defended against

--On a standard success, the target's animating Chi flickers and fades, causing them to slowly bleed away their life energy! Treat this as the Poison combat effect.

--Enemies suffer a major Wood System weakness -- a -10 penalty to resist the effects of the "poison".

--Enemies suffer Chi Flow Loss in all colors of Chi until all damage from this attack is healed.

--Double all Result Dice for damage purposes.

--Disorienting on a standard success.

--You are considered a target of this attack.

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