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So Certain Things have reminded me that I have a ton of random Charms and other various things stored up in my brain. I'm going to see if I can dump them here. I will pick at this post for a while, most likely.

Conceptual Weapon Arsenal
Cost: -- Mins: Essence 3 Type: Permanent
Keywords: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Mind-Hand Manipulation

Lesser beings forge wood and steel into weapons, but the Whispering Flame disdains such crude attempts. Her will is the only tool she requires. This Charm permanently upgrades the function of Mind-Hand Manipulation, allowing the Infernal to replace the statistics of his telekinetic attacks with those of any exceptional Martial Arts weapon (M-tagged weapon). He may make this choice reflexively once per action tick, or may choose, if he wishes, to use Mind-Hand Manipulation's base statistics; unless he knows Unseen Force Application, ghostly images resembling the weapon in question replace the normal swirls and ripples of Essence. Weapons which deal lethal damage retain the Piercing quality in addition to of their normal statistics, but the warlock may not initiate a clinch unless his chosen weapon has the Clinch-enhancer tag. Form weapons for martial arts styles the Infernal knows are not eligible templates unless they have the M tag.

A second purchase of this Charm permits the Infernal to apply the statistics of Artifact * or ** versions of M-tagged weapons instead of exceptional mundane weapons, as per Glorious Solar Saber. He may not summon paired weapons as Glorious Solar Saber permits, nor does he receive any Overdrive motes. However, he multiplies the range at which he can wield his Mind-Hand Manipulation by 5.

Weaponized Principle Infliction
Cost: -- Mins: Essence 3 Type: Permanent
Keywords: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Principle-Invoking Onslaught

The Principle of Hierarchy makes weapons of cosmic law. Why should she not, when she designed so much of it? This Charm permanently enhances Principle-Invoking Onslaught, allowing the Infernal to select a non-unique artifact "template" to apply when making standard attacks with that Charm. An artifact template is defined as an enhancement to a generic artifact weapon, such as a caustic, mist-razor, or shadow weapon (see pp. 178 and 180 of MoEP: Infernals) or any other similar enhancement. Any statistical modifications or additional properties are applied directly to the weapon's base statistics. The warlock may apply any helltech template automatically, but must study an example of any other template using Essence-Dissecting Stare in order to internalize its principles.

Task-Efficiency Reconstruction
Cost: --(+5m, 1WP) Mins: Essence 4 Type: Permanent
Keywords: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Unshattered Tongue Perfection x2, Will-Crushing Force

There is a place for every being in the perfected hierarchy of the Whispering Flame, but efficiency occasionally demands some slight modifications before a perfect fit can be obtained. This Charm allows the warlock to pay a 5m, 1WP surcharge when using Unshattered Tongue Perfection to affect an organization. If she does, her order spreads throughout the organization, reshaping its members into more efficient designs as a Shaping effect. The organization's leader, if it is not her, may reject this transformation by spending 2WP.

The Infernal may infuse roles in the organization with a package of (Essence x 2) points of positive mutations. Roles are basic, one-word job descriptions such as "researcher", "diplomat", "guard" or "assassin", and must already exist in the organization (a charity organization is highly unlikely to retain assassins, for example). Ability dots may be granted as a Training effect at two points per dot, or specialties may be granted at one point per dot. The granted bonuses must each directly apply to the role, and the Infernal may define a number of roles equal to her Bureaucracy. Up to (Essence) points of negative mutations may also be granted, granting additional points for the role, so long as they also relate directly to the role. New recruits to the organization gradually acquire the appropriate mutations over the course of a week as a Shaping effect; those who leave the organization lose their mutations over the same period, but keep any skills they successfully paid for. Any non-Exalt mutated by this Charm is a creature of darkness. Exalts may elect whether or not to accept the mutations freely.

If she knows Chirality Prohibition Index, the Infernal may define (Bureaucracy) roles for any index she places, with identical effects, save that the infusion may not be resisted. She may also apply a role to any mortal she breaks with Will-Crushing Force; if she alters their Motivation to be an outgrowth of an organization's Policy, the role must be appropriate for the organization, but if it is an outgrowth of her own Urge, she may custom-design a role if she wishes.

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