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Because I've had some of these brewing for a while.

Will As Weapon Style (Common White Chi Style: Palms Only)
A System Topic: 5 Destiny

The scholar Li Kuan was unusual in the Martial World; a master of the Daoist arts, he sought the principles that define the warrior's way, the raw essence of conflict. He wandered from land to land, studying the martial arts of each; he challenged great warriors with his own modest skills, offering lore or Daoist arts as a prize for victory. For ten years he lived in this way, until at last he withdrew to a lonely mountain, there to meditate on the principles he had uncovered. A further ten years followed, during which the name of Li Kuan faded from the tongues of men, and what secrets of martial prowess he uncovered are not known. But after that time, scholars in every direction mysteriously began to wield this style, as though echoes of Li Kuan's genius had permeated the very chi flows of Shen Zhou. Even today, Scholars who meditate deeply on the flow of luck and chi may discover the lesser form of Li Kuan's discovery.

Signature: The martial artist imposes his intent on the chi flows of the area, which manifest sharp, ghostly blades to menace his enemies!

Default Critical: Terrify or Embarrass

I: Menacing Thoughts (1 Silver)
Thought becomes action, and the scholar's deadly intent becomes a weapon of its own.

--You attack using Crafting, out to medium range as a Ranged Attack.
--This attack carries your malevolent intent, inflicting the next higher level of wound penalties on a hit.
--On a hit, inflict 2 additional dice of damage.

II: Swift Decisions (2 Silver)
Unencumbered by the physical world, the scholar can unleash devastating attacks in the blink of an eye!

--Add +10 to your Initiative
--Subtract 5 from your opponent's Strike for attacks and blocks against you this round.
--This technique lasts for one round.

III: Terrible Killing Intent
So lethal is the scholar's will, that his very thoughts leave his victims breathless!

--Attack out to Medium range using your Crafting skill, as a Ranged Attack.
--On a hit, the target loses their breath in their Favored Chi for your Rank in rounds.
--You may spend Gold Chi to reduce your enemy's defenses on a one-for-one basis.

IV: Unbreakable Will
A scholar's mind is inviolate; his will cannot be broken, even by the swords of his foes.

--Defend against attacks with your Crafting skill
--Apply the results of your defense as a Breaking Things roll that can shatter mundane weapons that strike you.
--Add +10 to your Strike
--This technique lasts for one round.
--Channel: 2 Gold (extend this technique for another round)

V: Impulse of Obliteration
If the scholar wishes his foes to die, they die.

--Attack with your Crafting skill as a Ranged Attack, out to Medium range.
--Inflict a major Dying Chi Condition on your opponent if the attack hits.
--This attack deals +3 dice of damage.

* Bonus: You receive a free Will-As-Weapon skill equal to the highest rank technique you know from this style.

7 Technique: If you know the Dancing Metal Intercession technique, you learn the Steel Thought Form refinement: when you use Dancing Metal Intercession to make an attack at range, you may use your Crafting skill instead of your Fight skill, and the attack has a Damage of +10.

10 Victory: Having internalized the principles of this style and opened your eyes to deeper truths of chi and intent, you understand the truth of Li Kuan's genius and formalize it into a Rare style of kung fu. The Sage will work with you to develop an appropriate style for the campaign, but it should use Crafting to attack at range and conform to the themes of this style where possible.

I've got a few more things brewing, but they're refusing to show up. Ah, well.
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