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Inspired by the Versus XIII trailers.

In the High First Age, the Lawgiver Edge of Morning stood foremost among the swordsmen of the Exalted. So great was his prowess that he could sever the shadow from the sole of a man's foot, or the higher soul from the lower, but he had never found a sword worthy of his skill. An ordinary blade would shatter after a single blow -- a daiklave might last ten! Distraught, he called upon a favor from one of his peers, the Twilight-caste sorcerer Seshar, called the Mirror of the Descending Sun. Together, swordsman and sorcerer conceived a plan.

From the Loom of Fate, Seshar drew forth the very concept of "sword" -- that essence on which the College of the Sword is built -- and bound it into a seed of possibility. Together, the two journeyed deep into the Wyld, to that place where time and distance loses all meaning at the boundary of purest chaos, and there Edge of Morning cast the seed in. Infinite potential coalesced around it, and forth from pure chaos boiled a nameless, shapeless thing, all edges and sharpness with only death on its mind.

Edge of Morning took on the first of his Ten Thousand Perfected Stances, and the Unshaped matched him stance for stance. As they battled through infinite chaos, perfectly matched, the beauty of the Lawgiver's form began to impress itself on his opponent's thoughts, and on its very being. For seconds or centuries they dueled, neither yielding, and with each move the harmony between them grew. At last, on the ten thousandth stance, the Unshaped bowed and bound itself to Edge of Morning's Essence, forsaking its nature for the glory of being wielded by such a master.

The Transcendent Sword Animus served Edge of Morning for the remainder of his days, and it was thought lost when the Usurpation slew him by treachery in the night. But such a thing cannot be lost forever, and perhaps a true master of the sword, who dares to reach the heights that Edge of Morning did, might recall the Essence-patterns of the Animus to himself.

Transcendent Sword Animus: Artifact *****

The Animus is not an artifact in the way most understand the term, for it is not a physical object. Instead, it is the potential of the concept of sword, given substance in the Wyld and bound by attunement to its wielder's Essence. It can clearly be seen by those with Essence Sight as a halo of indistinct blades, each of superlative craftsmanship, surrounding the wielder at all times, but unless the wielder is attacked it is invisible to ordinary eyes. Such a wielder must have a Melee score of 6 or higher, though specializations which apply to swords count; the Animus will accept no lesser wielder.

Once attuned to the Animus -- a process which costs 10 committed motes -- the artifact provides many benefits. At all times, the wielder's is also considered to be behind 90% hard cover, as phantom blades materialize for brief instants in order to deflect incoming attacks. This cover counts as a shield for all purposes. The wielder need not be aware of the attack for the blades to deflect it, and they may deflect even incorporeal attacks.

The wielder can reflexively call a blade into physical being by spending the Resources cost of the desired weapon in motes. These blades are considered Perfect quality and are as resilient as any weapon forged of the Magical Materials; in addition, the wielder may spend up to his Melee score in points to improve the blade's characteristics (as Glorious Solar Saber). This allocation may change with each blade summoned, and he may summon as many blades as he can hold at once. Blades which leave his hand instantly cease to exist. The blades, as perfected ideals given form, may strike immaterial objects and creatures as though they were material.

To this day, none know where or how to search for the Transcendent Blade Animus, but a true scholar might look deep in the West, where Edge of Morning lived and died, for the beginnings of their answer.

Written for a character I'm currently playing.

Sunlit Radiance Stance
Cost: 5m Mins: Presence 5, Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: Majestic Radiant Presence

The presence of the Lawgivers is undeniable; their radiant might can still a rival's tongue or cow an enemy merely by arriving on the scene. With this Charm, the Solar focuses the power of his glorious presence to affect many more people than a mortal could.

Once this Charm is active, the Solar may easily make himself heard to any character he chooses within (Essence x 10) yards, regardless of intervening obstacles or background noise; he may choose to include or exclude any number of characters he wishes. This, however, is the least of this Charm's potential. Any character within that distance who is touched by sunlight -- whether it be natural or a result of the character's flaring anima banner -- is considered a valid target for the Lawgiver's Presence Charms, even if those Charms would have a shorter range or the Touch keyword. The Solar may voluntarily choose to flare his anima to the 11-15 mote level as he activates this Charm, in which case it acquires the Obvious keyword. Otherwise, the effect is only obvious if Obvious Charms are used. The sunlight must be strong enough to read by; in the case of a flared anima banner, this range is "a spearcast's distance", or roughly Essence x 10 yards.

At Essence 5, this Charm becomes permanent and is always considered active.

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